Nabiha Asghar

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Review websites, such as TripAdvisor and Yelp, allow users to post online reviews for various businesses, products and services, and have been recently shown to have a significant influence on consumer shopping behaviour. An online review typically consists of free-form text and a star rating out of 5. The problem of predicting a user’s star rating for a(More)
We propose an online, end-to-end, neural generative conversational model for open-domain dialog. It is trained using a unique combination of offline two-phase supervised learning and online human-inthe-loop active learning. While most existing research proposes offline supervision or hand-crafted reward functions for online reinforcement, we devise a novel(More)
Automatic extraction of cause-effect relationships from natural language texts is a challenging open problem in Artificial Intelligence. Most of the early attempts at its solution used manually constructed linguistic and syntactic rules on small and domain-specific data sets. However, with the advent of big data, the availability of affordable computing(More)
Grötzsch’s Theorem is one of the most famous theorems in graph colouring theory. Its original proof, given in German, in 1958, was fairly complex. In 1989, Steinberg and Younger [17] gave the first correct proof, in English, of the dual version of this theorem. This essay studies the Steinberg-Younger proof in detail, putting special emphasis on improved(More)
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