Nabih Alaoui

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Big data technologies are becoming widely used, not only for recording but also for analyzing human generated data. Indeed, the recent development in systems and technologies provided many areas with data processing technologies to extract meaningful information from massive amounts of data. A good example of areas where the generated data is voluminous is(More)
This paper presents an improved architecture for Wireless Body Area Network (WBAN) communication systems in health-care monitoring environment. Due to the anatomy of the human body, the WBAN communication can encounter heavy noises and the signal will be significantly jammed. For small scale WBAN networks, it's much more difficult to correct the faulty data(More)
Maximizing the lifetime of sensor networks is a major challenge. In a sensor network, the nodes communicate with each other to pass the information to a data sink. These nodes have limited energy resource, and to increase the lifetime of the network, it is necessary to design communication protocols which aim at reducing the consumed power. Several advanced(More)
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