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The solution structure of the 22-residue peptide hormone motilin has been studied by circular dichroism and two-dimensional 1H nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy. Circular dichroism spectra indicate the presence of alpha-helical secondary structure in aqueous solution, and the secondary structure can be stabilized with hexafluoro-2-propanol.(More)
A model of the structure of the 22 amino acid residue gastrointestinal peptide hormone motilin in 30% hexafluoro-2-propanol has been obtained by using distance constraints obtained from two-dimensional nuclear Overhauser enhancements. A set of initial structures have been generated by using the distance geometry program DIANA, and 10 of these structures(More)
In Bangladesh, jute mills are producing conventional yarns heavier than 275 tex. These are used as hessian, sacking, carpet backing cloth etc. For diversified uses of jute it is most essential to produce medium count yarn of 241 to 275 tex. In this regard, slip draft spinning machine has been studied. This machine is capable to produce yarn of 241 to 280(More)
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