Nabeel J Ali

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During obstructive sleep apnea, transient arousal at the resumption of breathing is coincident with a substantial rise in blood pressure. To assess the hemodynamic effect of arousal alone, 149 transient stimuli were administered to five normal subjects. Two electroencephalograms (EEG), an electrooculogram, a submental electromyogram (EMG), and beat-to-beat(More)
BACKGROUND Neck circumference has been suggested to be more predictive of obstructive sleep apnoea than general obesity, but the statistical validity of this conclusion has been questioned. Combining neck circumference with other signs and symptoms may allow the clinical diagnosis or exclusion of sleep apnoea to be made with reasonable confidence. This(More)
52 severely ill asthmatic patients requiring acute admission to hospital entered a double-blind placebo-controlled trial to determine whether intravenous hydrocortisone given in addition to high-dose oral prednisolone and standard bronchodilator therapy accelerated recovery. Patients who had been given parenteral steroids before admission, by comparison(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the possible effects of methanolic extract of fruits of Tamarindus indica on rabbit's jejunum preparations. MATERIALS AND METHODS The study was carried out on rabbit's jejunum preparations. Methanolic extract of fruits of T. indica was applied in different doses. Potassium chloride (KCl 80 mM)-induced contractions were relaxed by the(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIM The benefits of therapeutic hypothermia have not been assessed from the perspective of the neurology clinic. We aimed to report the impact of the implementation of a local regional therapeutic hypothermia program on the neurodevelopmental outcomes of surviving hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy (HIE) infants who were followed in the neonatal(More)
The current work describes the antispasmodic action of Artemisia macrocephala, which is achieved via blocking of the calcium channels. This explains its traditional use as an antispasmodic.The crude methanolic extract of A. macrocephala was studied for possible relaxant effect(s) on spontaneous rabbits' jejunum preparations. Analytical-grade chemicals were(More)
A 65 year old woman with a 15 pack year smoking history had recently been diagnosed in the community with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). She was admitted to hospital with progressive breathlessness and wheeze; her exercise tolerance had decreased from 800 metres to less than 50 metres over the last year. Her peak expiratory flow rate on(More)