Nabeel Iqbal

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Diverse approaches to parallel implementation of H.264 have been proposed; however, they all share a common problem. The entropy decoder in H.264 remains mapped on a single processing element (PE). Due to the inherently sequential and context-adaptive nature of the entropy decoder, it cannot be parallelized. This renders a bottleneck to the performance of(More)
A processor's performance and power consumption are tied; an increased performance demands more power, and vice versa. An optimal tradeoff can only be achieved by an improved prediction of the task execution times, prior to an efficient scheduling. Moreover, since the processor's soft error rate is a function of its operating voltage, it is also linked to(More)
The advent of multicore platforms has renewed the interest in scheduling techniques for real-time systems. Historically, 'scheduling decisions' are implemented considering fixed task execution times, as for the case of Worst Case Execution Time (WCET). The limitations of scheduling considering WCET manifest in terms of under-utilization of resources for(More)
This paper addresses the problem of execution time estimation for tasks in a software pipeline independent of the application structure or the underlying architecture. A regression model is developed to obtain the estimates from previously observed data. To improve the quality of the estimates execution times of predecessor task in a software pipeline is(More)
This paper addresses the problem of stochastic task execution time estimation agnostic to the process distributions. The proposed method is orthogonal to the application structure and underlying architecture. We build the time varying state space model of the task execution time. In the case of software pipelined tasks, to refine the estimate quality, the(More)
Biplane images are recorded using digital angiography. The X-ray gantry geometry is established and the 3-dimensional (3D) orientation and calibre of a selected vessel computed. A "parametric" image is generated, in which the image grey level represents contrast material as a function of time and distance along a vessel segment. Adjacent(More)
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