Nabeel Ezzulddin Arif

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Let G be a molecular graph. The atom-bond connectivity (ABC) and geometric-arithmetic (GA) indices of G are defined as í µí°´í µí°´í µí°´í µí°´í µí°´í µí°´(í µí°ºí µí°º) = ∑ � í µí±‘í µí±‘ í µí±¢í µí±¢ +í µí±‘í µí±‘ í µí±£í µí±£ −2 í µí±‘í µí±‘ í µí±¢í µí±¢ í µí±‘í µí±‘ í µí±£í µí±£ í µí±¢í µí±¢í µí±£í µí±£ ∈í µí°¸í µí°¸(í µí°ºí µí°º) and í µí°ºí µí°ºí(More)
A topological index of graph G is a numerical parameter related to G which characterizes its molecular topology and is usually graph invariant. In the field of quantitative structure-activity (QSAR)/quantitative structure-activity structure-property (QSPR) research, theoretical properties of the chemical compounds and their molecular topological indices(More)
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