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Antitoxic, Antifungal and Phytochemical Analysis of MedicinalCompounds of Guiera senegalensis Leaves in Sudan
The results of this preliminary investigation suggest that the medicinal plant extract may be safe to use as a drink for treatment of various diseases as has been practiced for years in the villages of Western Sudan. Expand
Some Sero-biochemical Reference Values of Working Donkeys (Equus asinus)from the Sudan
The results in comparison of traditional biomarkers reference ranges are similar and more studies are needed to determine others parameters for donkeys and others country-specific parameters forDonkeys. Expand
Observations on the Association of Serum histamine, Interleukins andOther Serum Biochemical Values with Severity of Pruritus in ChronicHemodialysis Patients
The results of this investigation suggest that many factors may have important role in pathogenesis and progression of uremic pruritus from mild to severe, and the association of histamine, cortisol, IL-2 and IL-6 are evident. Expand
CBC, Serum Proteins, and Immunoglobulins in Chronic HemodialysisPatients with or without Pruritus in Egypt
It is demonstrated that there was a highly significant decrease in serum level of IgA, IgG, and IgM levels in pruritus patients compared to that of the control groups, and it seems that there is possible link between the dialyzing membrane,Pruritus, eosinophilia and IgE, and this link necessitates future studies. Expand