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Chemical analysis of Murex-dyed textiles from wadi Murabba'at, Israel
Abstract In this article we shall focus on the chemical and chromatographic analyses that were used in the study of three textiles that were found in a cave in wadi Murabba'at, the Judean desert. TheExpand
Early evidence (late 2nd millennium BCE) of plant-based dyeing of textiles from Timna, Israel
This study provides the earliest evidence of textiles dyed utilizing a chemical dyeing process based on an industrial dyeing plant from the Levant, suggesting the existence of an elite that was interested in these high quality textiles and invested efforts in procuring them by long-distance trade. Expand
A Late Bronze Age II clay coffin from Tel Shaddud in the Central Jezreel Valley, Israel: context and historical implications
To the memory of Trude Dothan 1922–2016 During trial excavations carried out in 2013 on behalf of the Israel Antiquities Authority, a seemingly isolated clay coffin with anthropoid lid, containing aExpand