Na'aman Amer

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We demonstrate THz-pulse shaping of ultimate flexibility, manipulating spatially dispersed multi-frequency components generated by optical rectification in a fanned-out PPLN. The modulated THz-spectrum maps out the spatial pattern of optical excitation beam on the crystal.
The gain properties of an oscillator strongly affect its behavior. When the gain is homogeneous, different modes compete for gain resources in a 'winner takes all' manner, whereas with inhomogeneous gain, modes can coexist if they utilize different gain resources. We demonstrate precise control over the mode competition in a mode locked Ti:sapphire(More)
We have developed novel schemes to generate and manipulate multi-cycle THz pulses via optical rectification in orientation inverted nonlinear crystals such as poled lithium niobate. Exploiting the methods, we have demonstrated generation of tunable narrow-band THz pulses, adaptive THz pulse shaping, and arbitrary control of THz ellipticity.
Pulse-shape and ellipticity of continuously tunable multi-cycle THz pulses are controlled by adjusting the relative time delay, intensity, and polarization between two femtosecond pulses. A THz wave plate using wire-grid polarizer also converts THz ellipticity.
We demonstrate the temporal evolution of terahertz (THz) wave propagation in one-dimensional periodic dielectrics. Distributed Bragg reflectors and a resonant cavity are investigated: The structures involve air gaps interleaved between polymer films. Transmitted and reflected broadband THz waves are measured by means of THz time-domain spectroscopy. The(More)
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