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A large-scale community survey in Shatin, Hong Kong, is presented with a modified two-phase design using flagged and nonflagged subsamples. A modified Self-Reporting Questionnaire and the Diagnostic Interview Schedule (version III) were used as the screening and diagnostic instruments, respectively. Lifetime rates for 19 Diagnostic Interview(More)
Alcohol and tobacco consumption are closely correlated and published results on their association with breast cancer have not always allowed adequately for confounding between these exposures. Over 80% of the relevant information worldwide on alcohol and tobacco consumption and breast cancer were collated, checked and analysed centrally. Analyses included(More)
We previously showed that the availability of a nonamer peptide derived from certain HLA class I signal sequences is a necessary requirement for the stabilization of endogenous HLA-E expression on the surface of 721.221 cells. This led us to examine the ability of HLA-E to protect HLA class I transfectants from natural killer (NK) cell-mediated lysis. It(More)
We have previously demonstrated that chronic ethanol consumption decreases neurotrophic activity in hippocampal extracts, as assessed by a chick dorsal root ganglia bioassay, but has no effect on hippocampal NGF mRNA or NGF protein levels. We presently report that hippocampal mRNAs encoding neurotrophin-3 and basic fibroblast growth factor are also(More)
Ciliary neurotrophic factor receptor alpha (CNTFR alpha) is essential for normal embryonic development and may be involved in postnatal and adult neuronal maintenance. In addition, a rapidly growing body of evidence suggests that CNTFR alpha serves as a site of action for future growth factor therapeutics capable of treating a wide variety of disorders(More)
Netrin-1 has profound in vitro effects on the growth properties of vertebrate embryonic axons. In addition, netrin-1 mRNA is found in the floor plate of the embryonic nervous system, an intermediate target of many axons, including commissural axons that are affected by netrin-1 in vitro. Moreover, genetic studies of netrin-1 homologs in Caenorhabditis(More)
Grey matter heterotopias, demonstrated by MRI, may present with a broad spectrum of clinical severity. We have studied 33 patients with periventricular nodular heterotopias (PNH); 19 (58%) had unilateral and 14 (42%) bilateral lesions. Thirteen of the 19 patients (68%) with unilateral subependymal nodules of grey matter had, in addition, unilateral focal(More)
The class Ib antigen HLA-G is expressed as a membrane-bound protein like classical class Ia molecules (M.HLA-G) but, unlike typical class I, is also expressed as a soluble protein (S.HLA-G) with a unique C terminus. Our results show that, similar to classical class I proteins, the membrane-bound form of HLA-G associated with TAP, as evidenced by the ability(More)
A 32-month-old child presented in status epilepticus (SE) involving the left side of the body. Fast spin-echo magnetic resonance imaging (FSE-MRI) with hippocampal volumetry performed < or = 24 h after the seizure showed increased T2 signal of the right hippocampus, but no atrophy. Complex partial seizures (CPS) appeared at age 33 months, and three more(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare the clinical and radiographic features of pulmonary tuberculosis (PTB) and non-tuberculous mycobacteria (NTM) lung disease in patients with acid-fast bacilli (AFB) positive sputum specimens. DESIGN The initial clinical and radiographic features of 229 PTB patients were compared with those of 70 patients with NTM lung disease. The most(More)