Na-Young Kwon

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The relationship between linguistic theory and empirical data is a proverbial two-way street, but it is not uncommon for the traffic in that street to move only in one direction. The study of raising and control is one such case, where the empirical lane has been running the risk of becoming too empty, and much theorizing has been done on the basis of(More)
Continuous recording of daily symptoms constitutes an effective means of managing asthma patients. Daily management reduces the costs associated with hospitalization and improves the quality of patient care. We have implemented a Web-based mobile asthma management system. We used a pocket PC, mobile phone and desktop computer. The recorded items and(More)
BACKGROUND Increased aortic stiffness is a independent risk factor of cardiovascular disease in patients with hypertension. Acute changes of the heart rate (HR) have been reported not to affect the aortic stiffness in pacing. However, it is unknown whether acute changes in HR caused by sympathomimetics can affect the aortic stiffness in patients with(More)
Generating artificial protein assemblies with complex shapes requires a method for connecting protein components with stable and predictable structures. Currently available methods for creating rigid protein assemblies rely on either complicated calculations or extensive trial and error. We describe a simple and efficient method for connecting two proteins(More)
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