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Time synchronization is essential for node localization, target tracking, data fusion, and various other Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) applications. To improve the estimation accuracy of continuous clock offset and skew of mobile nodes in WSNs, we propose a novel time synchronization algorithm, the Rao-Blackwellised (RB) particle filter time synchronization(More)
Most researches on the massive multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) systems are based on the assumption that the MIMO channels are independent, in reality, the above assumption is very difficult to realize when the number of multiple antennas are very large. Hence the simulation on massive MIMO systems under correlated channels has some degree of guiding(More)
Conventional wireless communication system capacity is limited by the worst channel parameters which determine the transmission mode. In this paper, a novel adaptive transmission scheme used in OFDM system is proposed to increase the system capacity by adaptively adjusting the transmission mode depending on channel parameters. In FDD mode, channel(More)
  • Na Ying
  • 2009
In order to provide a railcar image-aided navigation technique, aimed to the characters of the railcar scene, it was presented a real time fusion matching algorithm with multi-resolution and multi-direction features. First, this algorithm preprocessed images to depress the influences of disturbs and noises with the method of fast fuzzy edge variation.(More)
The new still compression image standard, JPEG2000, has emerged with a number of significant features that would allow it to be used efficiently over a wide variety of images. The scalability of this new standard allows trading off between compression rate and quality of image. Due to the multi-resolution nature of wavelet transforms, they have been adopted(More)
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