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In this study we consider the single machine scheduling problems with sum-of-logarithm-processing-times based deterioration, i.e., the actual job processing time is a function of the sum of the logarithm of the processing times of the jobs already processed. We show that even with the introduction of the sum-of-logarithm-processing-times based deterioration(More)
Enhanced methods are required for mapping the forest aboveground biomass (AGB) over a large area in Chinese forests. This study attempted to develop an improved approach to retrieving biomass by combining PALSAR (Phased Array type L-band Synthetic Aperture Radar) and WorldView-2 data. A total of 33 variables with potential correlations with forest biomass(More)
This study attempted to measure forest resources at the individual tree level using high-resolution images by combining GPS, RS, and Geographic Information System (GIS) technologies. The images were acquired by the WorldView-2 satellite with a resolution of 0.5 m in the panchromatic band and 2.0 m in the multispectral bands. Field data of 90 plots were used(More)
Bacterial cellulose (BC) has a range of structural and physicochemical properties that make it a particularly useful material for the culture of bacteria. We studied the growth of 14 genera of bacteria on BC substrates produced by Acetobacter xylinum and compared the results to growth on the commercially available biopolymers agar, gellan, and xanthan. We(More)
With the development of wireless sensor networks, certain network problems have become more prominent, such as limited node resources, low data transmission security, and short network life cycles. To solve these problems effectively, it is important to design an efficient and trusted secure routing algorithm for wireless sensor networks. Traditional(More)
Bacterial cellulose (BC) is a biocompatible hydrogel with a three-dimensional (3-D) structure formed by a dense network of cellulose nanofibers. A limitation of using BC for applications in tissue engineering is that the pore size of the material (∼0.02-10μm) is smaller than the dimensions of mammalian cells and prevents cells from penetrating into the(More)
—Slip and fall is a serious problem which affects the health and safety of people, and it has become a hot topic in the ergonomics and biomedicine fields in recent years. The causes of slip and fall accidents including external causes and internal causes. And it is the body response coordination ability under the condition of instability that is one of the(More)