Na Sai

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The electron current density in nanoscale junctions is typically several orders of magnitude larger than the corresponding one in bulk electrodes. Consequently, the electron-electron scattering rate increases substantially in the junction. This leads to local electron heating of the underlying Fermi sea in analogy to the local ionic heating that is due to(More)
Using time-dependent current-density functional theory, we derive analytically the dynamical exchange-correlation correction to the dc conductance of nanoscale junctions. The correction pertains to the conductance calculated in the zero-frequency limit of time-dependent density functional theory within the adiabatic local-density approximation. In(More)
Establishing processing-structure-property relationships for monolayer materials is crucial for a range of applications spanning optics, catalysis, electronics and energy. Presently, for molybdenum disulfide, a promising catalyst for artificial photosynthesis, considerable debate surrounds the structure/property relationships of its various allotropes. Here(More)
We report on an infrared spectroscopy study of mobile holes in the accumulation layer of organic field-effect transistors based on rubrene single crystals. Our data indicate that both transport and infrared properties of these transistors at room temperature are governed by light quasiparticles in molecular orbital bands with the effective masses m*(More)
We examine the application of short-circuit electrical boundary conditions in density-functional theory calculations of ferroelectric thin films. Modeling PbTiO 3 films with metallic electrodes, we demonstrate that under periodic boundary conditions of supercells, short-circuit conditions for the electrodes are equivalently satisfied in two repeated slab(More)
We report on infrared (IR) spectromicroscopy of the electronic excitations in nanometer-thick accumulation layers in field-effect transistor (FET) devices based on poly(3-hexylthiophene). IR data allows us to explore the charge injection landscape and uncovers the critical role of the gate insulator in defining relevant length scales. This work demonstrates(More)
Nasal and extra nasal carriage of methicillin-resistant S. aureus (MRSA) is a pre-existing condition that often leads to invasive MRSA infection, as MRSA colonization is associated with a high risk of acquiring MRSA infection during hospital stays. Decolonization may reduce the risk of meticillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) infection in(More)
  • Kelechi Uzochukwu, Kelechi Nmaobi Uzochukwu, Mpa, Clayton John, Thomas, Deirdre A Oakley +45 others
  • 2015
ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS This long journey toward attaining a doctorate has been maturing, daunting, and altogether life-changing. Several people have supported me mentally, emotionally, and spiritually along this trek, and to them, I extend my deepest expression of gratitude that simply cannot be fully conveyed in a few short sentences. First, I thank my(More)
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