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The interfacial dipolar polarization in inverted structure polymer solar cells, which arises spontaneously from the absorption of ethanolamine end groups, such as amine and hydroxyl groups on ripple-structure zinc oxide (ZnO-R), lowers the contact barrier for electron transport and extraction and leads to enhanced electron mobility, suppression of(More)
The gut microbiota is important in energy contribution, metabolism and immune modulation, and compositional disruption of the gut microbiota population is closely associated with chronic metabolic diseases like type 2 diabetes (T2D) and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). Metformin (MET) and Flos Lonicera (FL) are common treatments for metabolic(More)
The location of metal ion, Ag2+, Ca2+, Cu2+ and Y3+ in the SSZ-13 has been investigated with xenon adsorption measurement and 129Xe NMR spectrum. It was referred that the location of the metal ion varies depending on the corresponding charge. The ion-exchanged Ag ion was located in the alpha-cage to interact directly with xenon. Others multivalent cation(More)
EBM84 is a traditional herbal medicine and a combination of extracts obtained from Pinellia ternata and Zingiber officinale. It is traditionally used to treat vomiting, nausea, sputum and gastrointestinal disorders, and functions is an effective expectorant. In this study, we evaluated the protective effects of EBM84 on asthmatic responses, particularly(More)
Recently, the lean NOx trap technology using supported Pt catalyst on alumina was devised to store NOx under lean condition and to reduce into N2 and water under rich condition in lean burn engine. In this work, the effect of the Pt nanoparticle supported on hierarchical macro-meso-microporous BaO-Al2O3 on NO2 desorption has been investigated with NO2(More)
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