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—Quick diagnosis is critical to stroke patients, but it relies on expensive and heavily used imaging equipment. This results in long waiting times with potential threats to the patient's life. It is important for neurovascular departments treating stroke patients to reduce waiting times for diagnosis. This paper proposes a reservation process of magnetic(More)
This paper addresses the dynamic assignment of a given set of surgeries to multiple identical operating rooms (ORs). Surgeries have random durations and planned surgeon arrival times. Surgeries are assigned dynamically to ORs at surgery completion events. The goal is to minimize the total expected cost incurred by surgeon waiting, OR idling, and OR(More)
Radiotherapy, one of most important treatments for patients with cancer, relies on expensive equipment and follows complex treatment processes. This paper focuses on the capacity planning of Linear Accelerators (LINAC), the bottleneck resources of radiotherapy treatment. We propose a novel queuing approach considering each LINAC time slot as a server(More)
This paper addresses the problem of scheduling a set of surgeries planned for a given day with random surgery durations. We propose an original concept of promised surgery start times determined at the beginning of the day in order to release the surgeons from endless waiting. Stochastic programming models are proposed for optimization of promised surgery(More)
This paper addresses the design of contract for reserving the capacity of a shared critical resource from the perspective of a given class of customers. The contract is composed of three parts: contracted time slots (CTSs) reserved by the service provider for the class of customers, advance cancellation of contracted time slots, and requests for regular(More)
This article proposes a queueing and patient pooling approach for radiotherapy capacity allocation with heterogeneous treatment machines called linear accelerators (LINACs), different waiting time targets (WTTs), and treatment protocols. We first propose a novel queueing framework with LINAC time slots as servers. This framework leads to simple single-class(More)
The purpose of this study was to investigate the therapeutic efficacy of oral moxifloxacin for aerobic vaginitis (AV). We also identified factors that are associated with therapeutic efficacy. This prospective study enrolled general gynecological outpatients at Tianjin Medical University General Hospital between September 2012 and May 2014. Women diagnosed(More)