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Anchor text has been considered as a useful resource to complement the representation of target pages and is broadly used in web search. However, previous research only uses anchor text of a single snapshot to improve web search. Historical trends of anchor text importance have not been well modeled in anchor text weighting strategies. In this paper, we(More)
Multiple genome-wide association studies of primary biliary cirrhosis (PBC) in both European and Japanese ancestries have shown significant associations of many genetic loci contributing to the susceptibility to PBC. Major differences in susceptibility loci between these two population groups were observed. In this study, we examined whether the most(More)
Many web links mislead human surfers and automated crawlers because they point to changed content, out-of-date information, or invalid URLs. It is a particular problem for large, well-known directories such as the dmoz Open Directory Project, which maintains links to representative and authoritative external web pages within their various topics. Therefore,(More)
Web pages are often recognized by others through contexts. These contexts determine how linked pages influence and interact with each other. When differentiating such interactions, the authority of web pages can be better estimated by controlling the authority flows among pages. In this work, we determine the authority distribution by examining the(More)