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BACKGROUND It is well considered that reactive oxygen species (ROS) plays a prominent causative role in the development of allergic rhinitis (AR), and eosinophils cells as important allergic inflammatory cells contribute to elevating oxidative stress. Hydrogen, emerging as a novel antioxidant, has been proven effective in selectively reducing ROS in animals(More)
BACKGROUND Recent research indicates that CD133 are expressed in several kinds of stem cells, among which, its high expression in laryngeal carcinoma has caused wide concern. To further explore efficaciously targeting drugs to laryngeal carcinoma stem cells (CSCs), we transplanted a solid tumor from CSCs into abdominal subcutaneous tissue of nude mice, and(More)
The segmentation of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) with intensity heterogeneity is a challenging problem that has received an enormous amount of attention lately. In this paper, we propose a simple and effective segmentation method called local-based fuzzy clustering (LBFC) for MR brain images that corrupted by intensity heterogeneity. Firstly, a(More)
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