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Prosodic rules for schwa-deletion in hindi text-to-speech synthesis
We used an account of syllable structure and stress assignment for two- and three-syllable words (Beckman and Pierrehumbert, forthcoming) to predict the presence and absence of schwa in phonetically transcribed Hindi. Expand
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The buckeye corpus of speech: updates and enhancements
This paper describes recent progress in the development of the Buckeye Corpus of Speech, a phonetically labeled corpus of conversational American English speech, first described in [1]. Expand
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Exploration of Acoustic Features for Automatic Vowel Discrimination in Spontaneous Speech
In an attempt to understand what acoustic/auditory feature sets motivated transcribers towards certain labeling decisions, I built machine learning models that were capable of discriminating betweenExpand
Applying multiple regression models for predicting word duration in a corpus of spontaneous speech
Using word duration as a representative of pronunciation variation, the objective of this research was to delineate a set of variables known to affect word duration and determine the total amount of variation in duration accounted for by them in a multiple linear regression model. Expand
Evaluation of Anchor Texts for Automated Link Discovery in Semi-structured Web Documents
Using an English noun phrase grammar defined by Hulth (2004a) as a starting point, we created an English noun phrase chunker to extract anchor text candidates identified within web-based articles.Expand
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