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We are presenting the case of a 44-year old patient with large, well-differentiated liposarcoma of the right thigh. We are discussing the clinical findings, diagnosis and surgical treatment. The large dimensions (27/25 cm) and the origin of the tumor in popliteal fossa, migrating through the adductor canal (Hunter's canal) in the anterolateral muscular(More)
UNLABELLED Background/ Aims: Despite the existence of an easy tool to diagnose biliary tract disease as an etiology for acute pancreatitis (AP), the sensitivity of abdominal ultrasound is around 80%, which can be even lower in certain conditions. METHODOLOGY We have retrospectively reviewed data of 146 patients admitted for acute pancreatitis between 1999(More)
BACKGROUND Despite patient selection, postoperative morbidity after reversal of Hartmann's procedure remains significant. AIM The objective of this study was to investigate risk factors associated with morbidity after conversion of Hartmann's operation. PATIENTS AND METHODS We retrospectively analyzed data of 56 patients who underwent reversal(More)
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