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A differential pulse voltammetric method was described for the determination of domperidone. The method was based on the anodic oxidation of domperidone on a glassy carbon electrode at +0.64 V vs. SCE in Britton-Robinson buffer solution of pH 2.3. The reversibility of the oxidation was tested by cyclic voltammetry; the electrode process is irreversible and(More)
A hundred and fifty samples of fish rations were collected and subjected to mycological examination. The total prevalence of Aspergillus flavus was 66.67%. Fifteen isolates among them were aflatoxinB1 producers. AFB 1 was extracted and tested for pathogencity. AFB 1 intoxicated fish showed off feed, sluggish swimming, dark skin, loss of reflexes, increased(More)
The adsorption behavior of cefonicid on the hanging mercury drop electrode (HMDE) has been examined using cyclic voltammetry and square-wave voltammetry techniques in Britton-Robinson (B-R) buffers in the pH range of 2.0-11.0. The effect of different parameters on the accumulation behavior of the adsorbed species has been evaluated. Sensitive measurements(More)
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