N.I. Kozlenkova

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Effect of anomalous increase of strength in fine heavily deformed Cu-Nb microcomposites is associated with nano-scaled microstructure. For these wires with cross sections in the range of 0.01-0.5(More)
An extended database of critical current densities <i>J</i> <sub>c</sub>(<i>T</i>,<i>B</i>) and current sharing temperatures T<sub>cs</sub> for Nb-Ti strands was obtained in this work. This data set(More)
Voltage- current characteristics VCC(epsiv, B, 4.2 K) have been measured in the range of the applied axial tensile strain (epsiv) from 0% to 0.93% at magnetic fields 10 T and 12 T for ITER type(More)
Addition of manganese in elements of matrix for internal-tin Nb<sub>3</sub>Sn strands has been investigated. Two types of multifilamentary strands with distributed source of tin, 1.8 wt.% Mn in(More)