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Cognition and aphasia: a discussion and a study.
UNLABELLED The relation between other aspects of cognition and language status of individuals with aphasia is not well-established, although there is some evidence that integrity of non-linguisticExpand
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Manual of Aphasia and Aphasia Therapy
Manual of aphasia and aphasia therapy / , Manual of aphasia and aphasia therapy / , کتابخانه دیجیتال جندی شاپور اهواز
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Improved naming after TMS treatments in a chronic, global aphasia patient – case report
We report improved ability to name pictures at 2 and 8 months after repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) treatments to the pars triangularis portion of right Broca’s homologue in a 57Expand
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Foreign accent syndrome due to conversion disorder: Phonetic analyses and clinical course
Abstract We describe the case of a 36-year-old native speaker of English who began using a foreign accent after abrupt onset of problems involving multiple sensory and motor functions. NeurologicalExpand
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Using a computer to communicate: Effect of executive function impairments in people with severe aphasia
Background : Some individuals with severe non-fluent aphasia do not respond in a functional way to any form of communication therapy. Others show improved ability to communicate with treatmentExpand
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C-Speak Aphasia alternative communication program for people with severe aphasia: Importance of executive functioning and semantic knowledge
Learning how to use a computer-based communication system can be challenging for people with severe aphasia even if the system is not word-based. This study explored cognitive and linguistic factorsExpand
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Stuttering following acquired brain damage: A review of the literature
Communication problems resulting from acquired brain damage are most frequently manifested as motor speech disorders such as dysarthria, syndromes of aphasia, and impairments of pragmatics. A muchExpand
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Perseveration in the connected speech of boys with Fragile X syndrome with and without autism spectrum disorder.
Verbal perseveration is a frequently reported language characteristic of males with Fragile X syndrome and may be a defining feature or hallmark of the syndrome. We compared the verbal perseverationExpand
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Approaches to the treatment of aphasia
Preface. Contributors. The Power Of One: Every Aphasia Treatment Case Is A Case Study. A Case Of Aphasia, Apraxia Of Speech, And Apraxia Of Phonation. A Strategy For Improving Oral Naming In AnExpand
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