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‘Unconditional aid’: Assessing the impact of China's development assistance to Zimbabwe
China's development assistance to Africa has attracted varied criticisms from academics, Western governments and international donor organisations. The main criticisms have been directed at the lackExpand
Towards understanding Botswana and South Africa’s ambivalence to liberal democracy
ABSTRACT Despite their recognised democratic successes, Botswana and South Africa have had ambivalent experiences with liberal democracy. It is contended that they fall somewhere in-between whatExpand
Winners, Losers and the Playing Field in Southern Africa's ‘Democratic Darlings’: Botswana and South Africa Compared
Botswana and South Africa are often hailed as Southern Africa's democratic darlings. These democracies, however, occur within the context of dominant party systems; one party dominates over aExpand
The influx of Zimbabweans into South Africa: a crisis of governance that spills over
Post-apartheid South Africa has experienced its largest in-flow of migrants since the start of the crisis in Zimbabwe almost two decades ago from which Zimbabwe has yet to recover. This article aimsExpand
Attempted abortion by the use of bishydroxycoumarin.
Evaluating the potential of Protestant Christianity to stimulate democracy and good governance in sub-Saharan Africa through the valuing of the individual
ABSTRACT The global distribution of Christians is expected to change by 2050, with the largest proportion of Christians – more than a billion – residing in sub-Saharan Africa. Historical andExpand
Sub-Saharan Africa’s desire for liberal democracy: civil society to the rescue?
Abstract In the context of the global recession of democracy, this article engages with sub-Saharan Africa’s so-called ‘democratic’ deficit. Three arguments are presented. First, sub-Saharan Africa’sExpand
The changing political culture of the African National Congress
The early elite of the African National Congress (ANC) embraced values of moral improvement, individual responsibility and a sense of social consciousness. The ANC now governs South Africa, but withExpand
No ‘New’ ANC?
The history of the African National Congress (ANC) and the different traditions and ideologies that have intertwined over the years have resulted in a broad-based, eclectic party. The ANC's enduringExpand