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Strategies for Successful Information Technology Adoption in Small and Medium-sized Enterprises
Information Technology (IT) adoption is an important field of study in a number of areas, which include small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Expand
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Information Technology Adoption in Small and Medium-sized Enterprises; An Appraisal of Two Decades Literature
Small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) account for major source of employment, technological advancements, and competitive advantages for both developed and developing countries. Owing to theExpand
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A Mathematical Model for the Industrial Hazardous Waste Location-Routing Problem
In this paper a biobjective mixed integer programing model for location-routing industrial hazardous waste with two objectives is developed. Expand
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Effect Analysis on Strategy Implementation Drivers
3 Abstract: Currently, the strategy implementation is believed to be a dynamic activity within strategic management process. The main objective of this research is to examine the structuralExpand
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Effective factors on advanced manufacturing technology implementation performance: a review
This study reviews an extensive body of literature to investigate the factors effective on performance of companies implementing Advanced Manufacturing Technology (AMT). The purpose of this study isExpand
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A proposed dynamic model for a lean roadmap
Lean manufacturing is an integrated socio-technical system. Its main objectives are to eliminate waste and reduce the variability of suppliers, customers, and internal resources and processes. AExpand
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TOPSIS and fuzzy multi-objective model integration for supplier selection problem
Purpose: The problem includes the three objective functions: minimizing the total cost, the net rejected items and the inverse total value of purchasing (TVP), while satisfying capacity and demandExpand
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Application of a modified VIKOR method for decision-making problems in lean tool selection
Group decision making with multiple criteria is the most popular method for ranking a set of alternatives. In this regard, all alternatives are compared based on a common criteria set. Meanwhile,Expand
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An Integrated Framework of Green Supply Chain Management Implementation
With increase in environmental concerns during the past decade, a consensus is growing that environmental pollution issues accompanying industrial development should be addressed together with supplyExpand
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A dynamic modeling to measure lean performance within lean attributes
In today’s competitive world lean manufacturing has become an important “role model” for two groups: academics and practitioners. Many organizations around the world have attempted to implement itExpand
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