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Perspectivas históricas da influência da mediunidade na construção de idéias psicológicas e psiquiátricas Historical perspectives of the influence of mediumship on the construction of psychological
CONTEXTO: A psicologia e a psiquiatria tem sido, ao longo do tempo, influenciadas pelos fenomenos estudados pelos pesquisadores dessas areas. Diversas ideias sobre a mente e suas patologias foramExpand
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Factors Related to the Depth of Near-Death Experiences: Testing the “Embellishment over Time” Hypothesis
In this article we explore the correlation of several variables with the depth of the near-death experience (NDE) as measured by Ring's Weighted Core Experience Index (WCEI). For this purpose weExpand
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‘The Pathology and Treatment of Mediomania’, by Frederic Rowland Marvin (1874)
During the nineteenth century there were several examples of attempts to pathologize mediumship. One of them was the work of US physician Frederic Rowland Marvin (1847–1918), who is the author ofExpand
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The checker effect revisited
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The Dissociative Experiences Scale-II: Descriptive Statistics, Factor Analysis, and Frequency of Experiences
Psychometric aspects of the Dissociative Experiences Scale-II were studied with 308 American community college students. The overall DES mean was 21.70. Item-corrected correlations ranged from .30 toExpand
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From text to self : the interplay of criticism and response in the history of parapsychology
The thesis examines the history of criticism and response in scientific parapsychology by bringing together the tools of history, rhetoric of science, and discursive psychology to examine textsExpand
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Interrelationships of Parapsychological Experiences, Dream Recall, and Lucid Dreams in a Survey with Predominantly Spanish Participants
Previous questionnaire studies of parapsychological experiences have found significant interrelations between the experiences in question and dream experiences. In this study we present a replicationExpand
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