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Political mythologization in a digital environment as a communicative strategy of candidate image formation during election period
This article deals with the study of myths in political communication and level's specification of mythological impact on political image construction. The authors propose to distinguish “internalExpand
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Propaganda Content in Digital Space: Identification Markers
The article discusses the current forms and channels of propaganda in the network space.The aim of the study is to identify the features of propaganda content in a digital society. Expand
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Communication Strategy of Political Leader’s Image Mythologization in Digital Space during the Course of Election Campaign: Comparative Aspect
In the present paper we address the issue of mythologization as one of the leading communication strategies of the political leader’s image formation. Such strategy becomes particularly topical inExpand
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The Ideal Topic: Interdependence of Topic Interpretability and Other Quality Features in Topic Modelling for Short Texts
We use biterm topic model (BTM) to test the relations between two topic quality metrics independent from topic coherence with the human topic interpretability. Expand
Russian Model of Government PR: Peculiarities of Institutionalizing
The purpose of this paper is the study of the evolution and state of government public relations in Russia, the history of which, unlike their Western counterparts, is slightly more than a quarter ofExpand
Effectiveness of Propaganda Influence: Methodology and Challenges of the Internet Space
The article analyzes the efficiency criteria that underlie on a number of theoretical and methodological approaches for evaluation effectiveness of propaganda content. Expand
When Emotions Grow: Cross-Cultural Differences in the Role of Emotions in the Dynamics of Conflictual Discussions on Social Media
We analyze the spread of two polar emotions – anger and compassion – in three Twitter discussions on inter-ethnic conflicts, namely Ferguson protests (the USA, 2014), Charlie Hebdo massacre (France, 2015), and mass harassment in Cologne (Germany, 2015–2016). Expand
Method of Сontrol and Diagnosis Integrated Systems and Communication Systems Based on Thermal Processes
The significant number of failures in modern software and hardware communication systems of large integrated systems are associated with thermal conditions changes. The effective method of controlExpand