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Creating and probing electron whispering-gallery modes in graphene
A circular route to confine electrons Physical barriers are used to confine waves. Whether it is harbor walls for sea waves, a glass disk for light, or the “whispering gallery” circular chamber wallsExpand
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Microscopic polarization in bilayer graphene
Its tunable energy bandgap makes bilayer graphene interesting both from a theoretical perspective and with a view to applications. But exactly how the bandgap is formed is still unclear. A scanningExpand
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Evolution of microscopic localization in graphene in a magnetic field from scattering resonances to quantum dots
The effects of disorder on the electrical characteristics of graphene are found to change drastically in a magnetic field. At zero field, disorder simply causes charge scattering. But at high fieldsExpand
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Conductance of small molecular junctions.
A new method of fabricating small metal-molecule-metal junctions is developed, approaching the single-molecule limit. The conductance of different conjugated molecules in a broad temperature,Expand
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An on/off Berry phase switch in circular graphene resonators
Flicking the Berry phase switch When an electron completes a cycle around the Dirac point (a particular location in graphene's electronic structure), the phase of its wave function changes by π. ThisExpand
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Single-electron transistor as a charge sensor for semiconductor applications
We describe the use of aluminum single-electron transistors (SETs) to measure, with extremely high sensitivity, the fluctuation of charge in semiconductor quantum dots. Our method of fabricating SETsExpand
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Electromechanical Properties of Graphene Drumheads
Straining Suspended Graphene The electronic properties of graphene are best displayed by suspended sheets free from contact with an underlying substrate. Klimov et al. (p. 1557) probed howExpand
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Chemical modification of the electronic conducting states in polymer nanodevices.
Organic materials offer new electronic functionality not available in inorganic devices. However, the integration of organic compounds within nanoscale electronic circuitry poses new challenges forExpand
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Imaging of localized electronic states in the quantum Hall regime
The concept of electron localization has long been accepted to be essential to the physics of the quantum Hall effect in a two-dimensional electron gas. The exact quantization of the Hall resistanceExpand
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Paper in Electronic and Optoelectronic Devices.
Paper, one of the oldest materials for storage and exchange of human's information, has been reinvented as a building component of electronic and optoelectronic devices over the past decades. Expand
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