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The Fano resonance in plasmonic nanostructures and metamaterials.
The steep dispersion of the Fano resonance profile promises applications in sensors, lasing, switching, and nonlinear and slow-light devices. Expand
Sharp trapped-mode resonances in planar metamaterials with a broken structural symmetry.
We report that a resonance response with a very high quality factor can be achieved in a planar metamaterial by introducing symmetry breaking in the shape of its structural elements, which enablesExpand
From metamaterials to metadevices.
This Review summarizes research on photonic, terahertz and microwave electromagnetic metamaterials and metadevices with functionalities attained through the exploitation of phase-change media, semiconductors, graphene, carbon nanotubes and liquid crystals. Expand
Metamaterial with negative index due to chirality
Recently it has been predicted that materials with exceptionally strong optical activity may also possess a negative refractive index, allowing the realization of superlenses for super-resolutionExpand
Asymmetric propagation of electromagnetic waves through a planar chiral structure.
We report that normal incidence transmission of circularly polarized waves through the lossy anisotropic planar chiral structure is asymmetric in the opposite direction. The new effect isExpand
Giant gyrotropy due to electromagnetic-field coupling in a bilayered chiral structure.
We report experimental evidence that electromagnetic coupling between physically separated planar metal patterns located in parallel planes provides for extremely strong polarization rotatory powerExpand
An all-optical, non-volatile, bidirectional, phase-change meta-switch.
Non-volatile, bidirectional, all-optical switching in a phase-change metamaterial delivers high-contrast transmission and reflection modulation at near- to mid-infrared wavelengths in deviceExpand
Controlling light-with-light without nonlinearity
According to Huygens' superposition principle, light beams traveling in a linear medium will pass though one another without mutual disturbance. Indeed, it is widely held that controlling lightExpand
Metamaterial analog of electromagnetically induced transparency.
It is shown that pulses propagating through such metamaterials experience considerable delay, and the thickness of the structure along the direction of wave propagation is much smaller than the wavelength, which allows successive stacking of multiple meetamaterial slabs leading to increased transmission and bandwidth. Expand
A super-oscillatory lens optical microscope for subwavelength imaging.
A new super-resolution microscope for optical imaging that beats the diffraction limit of conventional instruments and the recently demonstrated near-field optical superlens and hyperlens is reported. Expand