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Promoting Positive Behavior Using the Good Behavior Game
The Good Behavior Game (GBG) is a classroom management strategy that uses an interdependent group-oriented contingency to promote prosocial behavior and decrease problem behavior. This meta-analysisExpand
The Needs-Affordances-Features Perspective for the Use of Social Media
The paper develops a needs–affordances–features (NAF) perspective on social media use which posits that individuals’ psychological needs motivate their use of social media applications to the extentExpand
Direct and Collateral Effects of Peer Tutoring on Social and Behavioral Outcomes: A Meta-Analysis of Single-Case Research
Abstract. This meta-analysis examined the direct (primary) and collateral (secondary) effects of peer tutoring on social and behavioral outcomes for 128 participants in prekindergarten through gradeExpand
Global Contagion and the Decoupling Debate
This chapter argues that there are a number of different versions of decoupling hypotheses and that rapid swings in their popularity are due largely to herding in popular mental models and shifts inExpand
Psychological Ownership Motivation and Use of Social Media
We build on and extend research on psychological ownership by developing the concept of psychological ownership motivation. Drawing on psychological ownership theory that has identified theExpand
Polysaccharide-Based Micelles for Drug Delivery
This review will highlight the advantages of polysaccharide use in the development of drug delivery systems and will provide an overview of the poly Saccharide-based micelles that have been developed to date. Expand
Overexpression of oxidored-nitro domain containing protein 1 induces growth inhibition and apoptosis in human prostate cancer PC3 cells.
The results suggest that the upregulated NOR1 expression was able to inhibit the progression of prostate cancer, suggesting that NOR1 may be an ideal target for the treatment of prostatecancer. Expand
IDT-TAM integrated model for IT adoption
Two classical theories, the technology acceptance model (TAM) and the innovation diffusion theory (IDT), were integrated into a model for analyzing individual information technology (IT) adoptionExpand
The Effects of the Global Financial Crisis on China's Financial Market and Macroeconomy
This paper provides a brief review of the increasing importance of China in the world economy and discusses the spillover effects of the global financial crisis on China's financial markets andExpand
Relationship between gene polymorphisms and prostate cancer risk.
OBJECTIVE To investigate the relationship between genetic factor and prostate cancer (Pca) risk and the possible cause in it. METHODS The polymorphisms of cytochrome P450 family 17 (CYPl7)Expand