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Colony composition and queen behavior in polygynous colonies of the oriental ponerine antOdontomachus rixosus (Hymenoptera Formicidae)
Colony composition and behavior of queens in the ponerine antOdontomachus rixosus were investigated in Bogor and Ulu Gombak, with multiple dealate queens, however, the degree of ovarian development slightly varied among individual queens. Expand
Ficus obscura var borneensis (moraceae), a new non- specific ant-plant from Malaysia.
Ficus obscura var. borneensis is a true myrmecophyte. It spontaneously forms cavities (domatia) in parts of its twigs which open by slits, These occur in the internodes and are usually not swollen.Expand
Web characteristics determine niche partitioning for orb-web spiders (Araneae, Tetragnathidae) in Malaysia
This study provides an insight into the tetragnathid species’ ability to respond to different habitats and develop niches by using the web characteristic variables in the principal component analyses (PCA) to suggest niche partitioning in some habitats. Expand
Short communication: spiders of Sabah: fifty new records including the description of a new Leucauge species
Based on the specimens collected during this field trip, a total of 50 new records of spider species from 11 families and 37 genera have been found, including one newly discovered spider species, the Leucauge sabahan sp. Expand