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Mobile Crowd Sensing and Computing: The Review of an Emerging Human-Powered Sensing Paradigm
With the surging of smartphone sensing, wireless networking, and mobile social networking techniques, Mobile Crowd Sensing and Computing (MCSC) has become a promising paradigm for cross-space andExpand
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Recent development in multimedia e-learning technologies
Multimedia and networking technologies have significantly impacted on our daily activities, particularly in terms of how we learn. Nowadays, classroom teaching no longer simply relies on chalk andExpand
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Feature selection based on an improved cat swarm optimization algorithm for big data classification
Feature selection, which is a type of optimization problem, is generally achieved by combining an optimization algorithm with a classifier. Genetic algorithms and particle swarm optimization (PSO)Expand
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Big Data Analytics for Emergency Communication Networks: A Survey
Disaster management is a crucial and urgent research issue. Emergency communication networks (ECNs) provide fundamental functions for disaster management, because communication service is generallyExpand
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Crowdsourcing Based Description of Urban Emergency Events Using Social Media Big Data
Crowdsourcing is a process of acquisition, integration, and analysis of big and heterogeneous data generated by a diversity of sources in urban spaces, such as sensors, devices, vehicles, buildings,Expand
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Ranking Metrics and Search Guidance for Learning Object Repository
In line with the popularity of the Internet and the development of search engine, users request information through web-based services. Although general-purpose searching such as one provided byExpand
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Improving the Diagnosis of Liver Disease Using Multilayer Perceptron Neural Network and Boosted Decision Trees
Early detection of liver disease is never easy, though it is one of the most important diseases on earth. This study, thus, attempts to achieve efficient early detection through a MultilayerExpand
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State transition in communication under social network: An analysis using fuzzy logic and Density Based Clustering towards big data paradigm
Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, are the social clouds that provide a platform for a diversified range of conversations on any theme at a stipulated time. The flow rate of aExpand
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A sharable e-Learning platform based on Cloud computing
Over the Internet, e-Learning has speeded up the knowledge transfer without restrictions on time and space in recent years. In order to achieve the goal of knowledge sharing and reusingExpand
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A smart assistant toward product-awareness shopping
This research employs sensor techniques (i.e., radio-frequency identification system) in developing a smart assistant for home furniture shopping. The implemented assistant provides friendly accessedExpand
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