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Discrete Time Crystals: Rigidity, Criticality, and Realizations.
A simple model for a one-dimensional discrete time crystal which explicitly reveals the rigidity of the emergent oscillations as the drive is varied is considered and a blueprint based upon a one dimensional chain of trapped ions is proposed.
Nanometre-scale thermometry in a living cell
A new approach to nanoscale thermometry is demonstrated that uses coherent manipulation of the electronic spin associated with nitrogen–vacancy colour centres in diamond to detect temperature variations as small as 1.8 mK in an ultrapure bulk diamond sample and demonstrate temperature-gradient control and mapping at the subcellular level.
Cross-link-governed dynamics of biopolymer networks.
This model quantitatively describes the measured rheology of actin networks cross-linked with α-actinin-4 over more than four decades in frequency.
Many-body localization in dipolar systems.
This work proposes and analyzes several experimental systems that can be used to observe and probe many-body localized phases, including ultracold polar molecules and solid-state magnetic spin impurities.
Room-Temperature Quantum Bit Memory Exceeding One Second
High-fidelity control of a solid-state qubit is demonstrated, which preserves its polarization for several minutes and features coherence lifetimes exceeding 1 second at room temperature, and may allow for new applications in quantum information science.
Phonon-induced spin-spin interactions in diamond nanostructures: application to spin squeezing.
It is shown that spin dephasing and relaxation can be largely suppressed, allowing for substantial spin squeezing under realistic experimental conditions.
Disentangling Scrambling and Decoherence via Quantum Teleportation
Out-of-time-order correlation (OTOC) functions provide a powerful theoretical tool for diagnosing chaos and the scrambling of information in strongly-interacting, quantum systems. However, their
Observation of a discrete time crystal
The experimental observation of a discrete time crystal, in an interacting spin chain of trapped atomic ions, is presented, which opens the door to the study of systems with long-range spatio-temporal correlations and novel phases of matter that emerge under intrinsically non-equilibrium conditions.
Origins of elasticity in intermediate filament networks.
Measurements of the linear and nonlinear viscoelasticity of networks of two distinct intermediate filaments, vimentin and neurofilaments, show that divalent ions behave as effective cross-linkers for both networks and that the elasticity of these networks is consistent with the theory for that of semiflexible polymers.
Observing Topological Invariants Using Quantum Walks in Superconducting Circuits
The direct measurement of topological invariants in both engineered and naturally occurring quantum materials is a key step in classifying quantum phases of matter. Here we motivate a toolbox based