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A streaming processing unit for a CELL processor
The design of a 4-way SIMD streaming data processor emphasizes achievable performance in area and power, and improves data bandwidth and pipeline utilization. Expand
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The vector floating-point unit in a synergistic processor element of a CELL processor
The floating-point unit in the synergistic processor element of the 1st generation multi-core CELL processor is described. Expand
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Microarchitecture and implementation of the synergistic processor in 65-nm and 90-nm SOI
This paper describes the architecture and implementation of the original gaming-oriented synergistic processor element (SPE) in 90-nm and 65-nm silicon-on-insulator (SOI) technology and introduces a new SPE implementation targeted for the high-performance computing community. Expand
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The structure of gel-emulsions in a water/ nonionic surfactant/oil system
Abstract Viscous and translucent gels form in a very diluted region (water-rich region) in water/nonionic surfactant/oil systems. The effects of salt and other additives on the stability of theseExpand
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A new high-density mini flexible disk drive system
To meet the increasing demand for high performance and small desk top data communication terminals, a new mini flexible disk drive (FDD) with a high recording density of 1.5 kbit/mm2has beenExpand
Packing optimization for cargo containers
This paper addresses the 3D packing problem of automatically determining positions in one or more containers or pallets for loading box-shaped goods and establishing a loading plan designed toExpand
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Development of the system for estimating the reduction of road traffic pollution by traffic managemental countermeasures
The purpose of this study is to develop the system for estimating the reduction of road traffic noise and air pollution in addition to the measures on traffic safety and smoothness by traffic manageinental countermeasures. Expand