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MYB transcription factor genes as regulators for plant responses: an overview
MYB TFs are reviewed with particular emphasis on their role in controlling different biological processes to provide valuable insights in understanding regulatory networks and associated functions to develop strategies for crop improvement. Expand
Development of a highly regenerable elite Acala cotton (Gossypium hirsutum cv. Maxxa) – a step towards genotype-independent regeneration
Strategies for genotype-independent transformation and regeneration of cotton are proposed that integrate selection and introgression of regeneration potential in improvement programs. Expand
High frequency plant regeneration from desiccated calli of indica rice (Oryza Sativa l.)
High frequency plant regeneration from mature seed derived embryogenic calli of two recalcitrant indica rice cultivars H KR-46 and HKR-126 after partial desiccation treatment is reported. Expand
Direct and efficient plant regeneration from leaf explants of Solanum tuberosum l. cv. Bintje
A two-step procedure was used for plant regeneration from in vitro grown leaf strips and zeatin riboside containing step I and II media caused shoot regeneration in a high number of explants. Expand
Sequence-related amplified polymorphism (SRAP) molecular marker system and its applications in crop improvement
This review provides an overview of SRAP markers and their applications in crop improvement and targets functional genes and has potential for their application in crop breeding. Expand
Studies on improved Agrobacterium-mediated transformation in two indica rice (Oryza sativa L.)
High concentrations of acetosyringone in the agrobacterium culture and co-cultivation medium proved to be indispensable for successful transformation in two economically important highly recalcitrant indica rice cultivars. Expand
Preparation of value added products from dehydrated bathua leaves (Chenopodium album Linn.)
Green leafy vegetables form an important part of daily diet. Since these are produced in surplus and have short shelf-life, preservation of vegetables can prevent wastage and increase availability inExpand
Study of betasatellite molecule from leaf curl disease of sunn hemp (Crotalaria juncea) in India
It is demonstrated that a malvaceous betasatellite is adapted by a nonmalvaceous host and causes similar disease symptoms to that of C. juncea with begomovirus. Expand
Technologies for Biofuel Production: Current Development, Challenges, and Future Prospects
The global energy demand is increasing day by day, with which substantial risk to the environment is also increasing. The consumption of the fuel, as well as the demand, is expected to grow rapidlyExpand