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The Arabidopsis NRG2 Protein Mediates Nitrate Signaling and Interacts with and Regulates Key Nitrate Regulators[OPEN]
Genetic and molecular data suggest that NRG2 plays a key role in nitrate regulation in part through modulating NRT1.1 expression and may function with NLP7 via their physical interaction. Expand
The Arabidopsis CPSF30-L gene plays an essential role in nitrate signaling and regulates the nitrate transceptor gene NRT1.1.
The identification of a nitrate regulatory mutant whose mutation mapped to the Cleavage and Polyadenylation Specificity Factor 30 gene (CPSF30-L) is reported, indicating that the 65 kDa protein encoded by CPSF 30-L mediates nitrate signaling in part by regulating NRT1.1 expression, thus adding an important component to the nitrate signaled network. Expand
Discrete symbiotic organism search with excellence coefficients and self-escape for traveling salesman problem
ECSDSOS shows competitive optimization capacities for computing better solutions for TSP than basic DSOS and some other heuristic algorithms. Expand
Novel Aspects of Nitrate Regulation in Arabidopsis
The recent advances of post-transcriptional regulation and non-coding RNA (ncRNAs) in NO3– signaling, and NO3- regulation on leaf senescence and the circadian clock are focused on. Expand
with and regulates key nitrate regulators 2
[Role of ceramide in cell stress response].