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Religious Texts from Ugarit
This translation and commentary on the Ugaritic texts is aimed at general readers as well as students and specialists in biblical, classical and religious studies. The Ugaritic texts have long beenExpand
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“Supposing Him to Be the Gardener” (John 20,15). A Study of the Paradise Motif in John
We are all familiar with the way in which New Testament writers pick up an extraordinary variety of Old Testament themes and apparently read into them royal (that is, messianic) significance. VeryExpand
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Widening interest, widening participation: factors influencing school students’ aspirations to study medicine
BackgroundUnder-representation of some socio-economic groups in medicine is rooted in under-representation of those groups in applications to medical school. This study aimed to explore what mayExpand
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Handbook of Ugaritic Studies
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Grasping the Griffin: Identifying and Characterizing the Griffin in Egyptian and West Semitic Tradition
The griffin is commonly understood to be an eagle-headed winged lion. I argue here that the Egyptian version has a falcon head, identifying it as a form of Horus; as an allomorph of the sphinx (seenExpand
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Interpreting the Creation and Fall story in Genesis 2—3
Le probleme de la datation de Genese 2-3. Les elements ideologiques dans le recit. La provenance de l'histoire de l'Eden et sa signification. Pour l'A., bien des aspects du recit indiquent uneExpand
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Book Review: Assyrian, Wolf, Fold…: Josette Elayi, Sargon II, King of Assyria
it is unfortunate that in a work on sacramental efficacy, pneumatology is mostly absent. A more robust emphasis on the role of the Spirit could have helpfully offset the juridical tendencies of thisExpand