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The Dirichlet: A comprehensive model of buying behaviour
The Dirichlet model describes how frequently-bought branded consumer products like instant coffee or toothpaste are purchased when the market is stationary and unsegmented. This is the commonExpand
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'Food Deserts' in British Cities: Policy Context and Research Priorities
This paper provides an introduction to the 'food deserts' theme by outlining how the problem of access to food, particularly foods integral to a healthy diet, for low-income households in poorExpand
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Deprivation, Diet, and Food-Retail Access: Findings from the Leeds ‘Food Deserts' Study
Within a context of public policy debate in the United Kingdom on social exclusion, health inequalities, and food poverty, the metaphor of the ‘food desert’ caught the imagination of those involvedExpand
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Assessing the Impact of Improved Retail Access on Diet in a 'Food Desert': A Preliminary Report
If poor food retail access in deprived areas of British cities is linked, as suggested in many of the policy debates of the late 1990s, via compromised diets/undernutrition to poor health andExpand
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Globalizing retail: conceptualizing the distribution-based transnational corporation (TNC)
In this article we argue that the retail transnational corporation (TNC) is an entity that merits urgent theoretical and empirical investigation from economic geographers. Using recent theoreticalExpand
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Host economy impacts of transnational retail: the research agenda
The last decade has witnessed an acceleration of retail foreign direct investment into a range of emerging markets across East Asia, Central and Eastern Europe and Latin America, led by a smallExpand
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Networks of organizational learning and adaptation in retail TNCs
In this article we contribute to a growing body of literature concerned with the socio-cultural dynamics of learning and adaptation inside firms. Specifically, we apply a ‘competence-based’ view ofExpand
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The stresses of retail internationalization: lessons from Royal Ahold's experience in Latin America
Written prior to the financial crisis of the world's third largest retailer following its announcement of accounting irregularities on 24 February 2003, this paper uses a case study of Ahold'sExpand
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Resilience, Fragility, and Adaptation: New Evidence on the Performance of UK High Streets during Global Economic Crisis and its Policy Implications
At a time of increasing government concern with the economic health of UK town centres and high streets, and with an independent inquiry (led by Mary Portas) on Revitalising the High Street to reportExpand
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