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Pollutant export from various land uses in the upper Neuse River Basin.
Because of the relatively high variability of pollutant export from urban land uses, a significant number of monitoring studies, including data from many storms, are needed to adequately characterizeExpand
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Effect of nutrition staging on treatment delays and outcome in stage IV neuroblastoma
The effect of the state of nutrition of 18 children with Stage IV neuroblastoma at diagnosis and during initial therapy, was evaluated with respect to treatment delays, drug dosage alterations, tumorExpand
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Effects of development on runoff and pollutant export.
  • D. Line, N. White
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  • 1 February 2007
Runoff from two similar drainage areas in the Piedmont physiographic region of North Carolina was monitored simultaneously for 5.6 years. One of the drainage areas was developed as part of a largeExpand
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Effectiveness of central parenteral nutrition versus peripheral parenteral nutrition plus enteral nutrition in reversing protein-energy malnutrition in children with advanced neuroblastoma and Wilms'
The effectiveness of central parenteral nutrition (CPN) versus peripheral parenteral nutrition (PPN) plus enteral nutrition in reversing protein-energy malnutrition was evaluated in 19 children (nineExpand
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Age‐ and sex‐related differences in alcohol and nicotine effects in C57BL/6J mice
The present studies were aimed to identify possible age‐ and/or sex‐related differences in the effects of alcohol and nicotine. Study 1 examined age‐related differences in alcohol and nicotineExpand
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Runoff and Pollutant Export from a LID Subdivision in North Carolina
AbstractStorm rainfall on and runoff from a 3.35-ha low-impact development (LID) residential subdivision in the Piedmont region of North Carolina were monitored for 6+ years, which includedExpand
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Alcohol tolerance and nicotine cross‐tolerance in adolescent mice
The present experiment was designed to evaluate the development of tolerance to alcohol and cross‐tolerance to nicotine in adolescent mice. C57BL/6J mice (30–40 days old) were injected IP withExpand
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Increase in Vasoactive Prostaglandin E Production after Ethanol Perfusion in Human Placental Cotyledons
: Studies from our laboratory indicate that prostaglandins may be mediators of at least some of the teratogenic actions of ethanol in both mouse and human tissue model systems. The present studiesExpand
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Role of Prostaglandins in Alcohol Teratogenesis
Our laboratory has been working on animal models of fetal alcohol syndrome for a number of years. We, among others, have shown that mice are sensitive to alcoholinduced birth defects.'.2 WithExpand
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Progesterone and prostaglandin H synthase-2 involvement in alcohol-induced preterm birth in mice.
BACKGROUND Recently, an association between alcohol consumption during pregnancy and shortened gestational length has been reported, but the underlying mechanisms remain unknown. Progesterone (P4)Expand
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