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Functional MRI study of memory-related brain regions in patients with depressive disorder.
BACKGROUND Structural imaging studies of patients suffering from depressive disorder have revealed reduced hippocampal volume in the majority of cases. The present study aimed specifically atExpand
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Relationships between features of autonomic cardiovascular control and cognitive performance
The study investigated relationships between autonomic cardiovascular control and attentional performance. In 60 healthy subjects R-wave to pulse interval (RPI), respiratory sinus arrhythmia (RSA),Expand
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Enhanced cardiac perception is associated with benefits in decision-making.
In the present study we provide the first empirical evidence that viscero-sensory feedback from an internal organ is associated with decision-making processes. Participants with accurate vs. poorExpand
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Hippocampal function during associative learning in patients with posttraumatic stress disorder.
In the last decade several studies have shown memory deficits in patients with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) which have been associated with a reduced hippocampus volume. However, until now weExpand
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Differential effects of alexithymia subscales on autonomic reactivity and anxiety during social stress.
OBJECTIVES Alexithymia is characterized by a difficulty in identifying and describing one's emotions. Recent research has associated differential effects of the alexithymia facets toExpand
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The behavioral impact of baroreflex function: a review.
The baroreflex consists of a negative feedback loop adjusting heart activity to blood pressure fluctuations. This review is concerned with interactions between baroreflex function and behavior. InExpand
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Patterns of Cerebral Blood Flow and Systemic Hemodynamics During Arithmetic Processing
The present study explored modulations in cerebral blood flow and systemic hemodynamics during the execution of a mental calculation task in 41 healthy subjects. Time course and lateralization ofExpand
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Interoceptive awareness moderates neural activity during decision-making
The current study examined the relationship between conscious perception of somatic feedback (interoceptive awareness) and neural responses preceding decision-making. Previous research has suggestedExpand
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Relationships between affective states and decision-making.
The study investigated relationships between affective states and decision-making performance using the Iowa Gambling Task. Playing the task involves making decisions between four card decks. TwoExpand
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