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How to Own the Internet in Your Spare Time
We present an analysis of the magnitude of the threat. Expand
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Inside the Slammer Worm
The Slammer worm spread so quickly that human response was ineffective. Expand
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The Matter of Heartbleed
We perform a comprehensive, measurement-based analysis of the vulnerability's impact, including (1) tracking the vulnerable population, (2) monitoring patching behavior over time, (3) assessing the impact on the HTTPS certificate ecosystem, and exposing real attacks that attempted to exploit the bug. Expand
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Netalyzr: illuminating the edge network
We present Netalyzr, a network measurement and debugging service that evaluates the functionality provided by people's Internet connectivity. Expand
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A taxonomy of computer worms
This paper describes a preliminary taxonomy based on worm target discovery and selection strategies, worm carrier mechanisms, worm activation, possible payloads, and plausible attackers who would employ a worm. Expand
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Very Fast Containment of Scanning Worms
In this work we develop containment algorithms suitable for deployment in high-speed, low-cost network hardware. Expand
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Click Trajectories: End-to-End Analysis of the Spam Value Chain
In this paper we present a holistic analysis that quantifies the full set of resources employed to monetize spam email -- including naming, hosting, payment and fulfillment -- usingextensive measurements of three months of diverse spam data. Expand
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Protocol-Independent Adaptive Replay of Application Dialog
We present RolePlayer, a system which, given examples of an application session, can mimic both the client side and the server side of the session for a wide variety of application protocols. Expand
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The Kadison-Singer problem in discrepancy theory
  • N. Weaver
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • Discret. Math.
  • 7 September 2002
We give a combinatorial form of the Kadison–Singer problem, a famous problem in C ∗ -algebra, a discrepancy question about vectors in C n . Expand
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