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Renormalization group flows from holography supersymmetry and a c theorem
We obtain first order equations that determine a supersymmetric kink solution in fivedimensional N = 8 gauged supergravity. The kink interpolates between an exterior anti-de Sitter region withExpand
Chiral rings in N = 2 superconformal theories
We investigate the properties of chiral operators in N = 2 superconformal theories. In particular, we study the spectral flow of such models under a one-parameter family of twists generated by theExpand
Self-dual strings and N = 2 supersymmetric field theory
We show how the Riemann surfaceof N = 2 Yang-Mills field theory arises in type II string compactifications on Calabi-Yau threefolds. The relevant local geometry is given by fibrations of ALE spaces.Expand
E strings and N=4 topological Yang-Mills theories
We study certain properties of six-dimensional tensionless E-strings (arising from zero size E8 instantons). In particular we show that n E-strings form a bound string which carries an E8level-nExpand
Compact and non-compact gauged supergravity theories in five dimensions
Abstract We give a detailed construction of gauged N = 8 supergravity theories in five dimensions with Yang-Mills gauge groups SO( p , 6− p )( p =0, 1, 2, 3), physical global symmetry SU(1, 1), andExpand
N=2 supersymmetric RG flows and the IIB dilaton
We show that there is a non-trivial relationship between the dilaton of IIB supergravity, and the coset of scalar fields in five-dimensional, gauged N=8 supergravity. This has important consequencesExpand
An N =2 Supersymmetric Membrane Flow
Abstract We find M-theory solutions that are holographic duals of flows of the maximally supersymmetric ( N =8 ) scalar-fermion theory in 2+1 dimensions. In particular, we construct the M-theoryExpand
Bubbling supertubes and foaming black holes
We construct smooth BPS three-charge geometries that resolve the zero-entropy singularity of the U(1)xU(1) invariant black ring. This singularity is resolved by a geometric transition that results inExpand
Continuous distributions of D3-branes and gauged supergravity
States on the Coulomb branch ofN = 4 super-Yang-Mills theory are studied from the point of view of gauged supergravity in ve dimensions. These supersymmetric solutions provide examples of consistentExpand
Some New Extrema of the Scalar Potential of Gauged $N=8$ Supergravity
Five new critical points are found for the scalar potential of gauged N = 8 supergravity. These comprise a complete list of all the extrema which induce a symmetry breaking of SO(8) to some smallerExpand