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Rethinking authenticity in tourism experience
Abstract This paper aims at a conceptual clarification of the meanings of authenticity in tourist experiences. Three approaches are discussed, objectivism, constructivism, and postmodernism, and theExpand
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Towards a structural model of the tourist experience: an illustration from food experiences in tourism.
Abstract The tourist experience has for a long time been one-sidedly understood as either the peak experience, or the consumer experience. For a better understanding of the tourist experience, thisExpand
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Tourism and Modernity: A Sociological Analysis
Preface. Introduction. Part 1: Contextualizing Tourism. Logos-modernity, eros-modernity and tourism. Part 2: Modernity, Tourism and Motivations. Modernity and the tourism of authenticity. ModernityExpand
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“Death of a Discipline”?
SummaryStarting with questioning Gayatri Spivak's controversial book Death of a Discipline, the present article tries to argue that unlike the case in the United States, comparative literature inExpand
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Cell mechanics: mechanical response, cell adhesion, and molecular deformation.
Cell mechanics is a biologically complex system, the understanding of which requires a combination of various approaches including biomechanics. Expand
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Measuring Transaction Costs: An Incomplete Survey
This survey sketches the broad landscape of the field of transaction costs measurement. It surveys the main research areas concerning transaction costs and offers a taxonomy: monetary and financialExpand
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Assessing the bias in samples of large online networks
We consider the sampling bias introduced in the study of online networks when collecting data through publicly available APIs (application programming interfaces). Expand
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Vernacular house as an attraction: illustration from hutong tourism in Beijing
  • N. Wang
  • Political Science
  • 1 December 1997
Abstract This paper discusses the recent experiences of vernacular house tourism in China, based on a case study of hutong tourism in Beijing. It is argued that the vernacular house could be anExpand
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Future of jobs
One of the growing concerns of our society is whether our jobs are going to be taken by robots and artificial intelligence. With the developments in the field of deep learning and rise of autonomousExpand
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Networked discontent: The anatomy of protest campaigns in social media
We analyze the communication network that emerged in social media around an international protest campaign launched in May 2012. Expand
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