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Optical parametric oscillator-based light source for coherent Raman scattering microscopy: practical overview.
We present the assets and constraints of using optical parametric oscillators (OPOs) to perform point scanning nonlinear microscopy and spectroscopy with special emphasis on coherent RamanExpand
Generation of three-cycle multi-millijoule laser pulses at 318 W average power
The generation of three-cycle multi-millijoule pulses at 318 W power is reported by compressing pulses of a Yb-fiber chirped pulse amplifier in a 6 m long stretched flexible hollow fiber. ThisExpand
Tailoring soliton fission at telecom wavelengths using composite-liquid-core fibers.
Accurate dispersion management is key for efficient nonlinear light generation. Here, we demonstrate that composite-liquid-core fibers-fibers with binary liquid mixtures as the core medium-allow forExpand
500W, 5mJ, 6fs, CEP-stable few-cycle pulses: An update on the ELI-ALPS HR2 beamline (Conference Presentation)
Here we present the latest experimental results of a high-power CEP-stable FCPA system. The 16-channel FCPA runs at 0.3% RMS power stability (>9hours) delivering more than 1kW and 10mJ after theExpand
An ultrafast femtosecond fibre laser as a new tool in Rapid Microtooling
3D micro machining with a high repetition rate ultra short fibre laser
Carrier-envelope offset stable, coherently combined ytterbium-doped fiber CPA delivering 1  kW of average power.
We present a carrier-envelope offset (CEO) stable ytterbium-doped fiber chirped-pulse amplification system employing the technology of coherent beam combining and delivering more than 1 kW of averageExpand
The ELI-ALPS HR2 Laser System: CEP-Stable Few-Cycle Pulses at 500W of Average Power
We present the latest development of the ELI-ALPS HR2 laser towards a 5mJ, 6fs CEP stable output, which will be enabled by post-compression of >1kW, >10mJ fiber CPA system in an 8m long stretchedExpand
Actuating device for bicycle transmissions with two-train system
Switching device (1) with a rotary handle, in particular for the actuation of bicycle transmissions over two on the handle engaging traction means (10, 11) by transforming the rotary movement of the handle into a longitudinal movement, and with a housing part (2) for supporting the casings of the traction means. Expand
An electrical connector with a sealing element
The invention relates to an electrical connector with a contact support (1) and a threaded part (2) which is screwed in an embodiment as a nut or cap screw with a counter-threaded portion (4) of aExpand