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Mass spectrometry of steroid systems
SummaryThe fragmentation under electron impact of Δ4 and Δ5 isomers of the cholestane, androstane, and pregnane series have been studied. It has been found that there are marked differences in theExpand
The photochemistry of purine components of nucleic acids. II. Photolysis of deoxyguanosine.
The structures of the products isolated from the reaction mixture after irradiation suggest that one of the ways of deoxyguanosine degradation is a breakdown of a purine cycle without splitting of N-glycoside bond. Expand
The structure of peucenol (peumorisin)—A new hydroxycoumarin
ConclusionsOn the basis of a spectroscopic study of peucenol (peumorisin) and the product of its cyclization, it has been established that peucenol is eitherExpand
Mass spectrometric investigation of carbohydrates Communication 3. Mechanism of the decomposition of 2,3,4,6-tetramethyl-α-methyl-D-glucoside
The mechanism of the decomposition of 2,3,4,6-tetramethyl-α-methyl-D-glucoside under the action of electron impact was elucidated.
Mass Spectrometry of Chromen-2-ones (Coumarins) and of Furo- and Pyrano-chromenones
Mass-spectrometric results for the coumarins, furocoumarins, and pyranocoumarins are summarised. The characteristic elimination of carbonyl groups characteristic of coumarin itself can be traced alsoExpand
Comparative mass-spectrometric investigation of quinolizidine alkaloids and cytisine, sparteine, and matridine derivatives
The low- and high-resolution mass spectra of pachycarpine, tetrahydrodesoxocytisine, matridine, α-isolupanine, tetrahydrocytisine, matrine, d-thermopsine, cytisine, and isosophoramine, as well asExpand
Difference of vitamycin a from other natural analogs of prodigiosin
Conclusions1. Vitamycin A has been shown to be different from other known natural pigments analogous to prodigiosin.2. On the basis of a study of the products of the oxidation of vitamycin A, its NMRExpand