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Shape prior segmentation of multiple objects with graph cuts
  • N. Vu, B. S. Manjunath
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern…
  • 23 June 2008
A major advantage of this approach is that the segmentation energy is minimized directly without having to compute its gradient, which can be a cumbersome task and often relies on approximations. Expand
Graph cut segmentation of neuronal structures from transmission electron micrographs
  • N. Vu, B. S. Manjunath
  • Computer Science
  • 15th IEEE International Conference on Image…
  • 12 December 2008
This work proposes a segmentation framework to extract the 2D profiles that is both fast and requires a minimal amount of user interaction, and allows for efficient and intuitive editing of the initial results. Expand
Multiple Structure Tracing in 3D Electron Micrographs
A new model using the conditional random field (CRF) framework with higher order potentials for tracing multiple neuronal structures in 3D with outperforms more traditional models in tracing neuronal structures from TEM stacks. Expand
Quantitative analysis of immunofluorescent retinal images
The results not only verify previous conclusions about retinal restructuring during detachment, but also provide biologists with significant information about the regional responses in the ONL. Expand
Retina Layer Segmentation and Spatial Alignment of Antibody Expression Levels
A method to segment the retinal layers using a parametric active contour model and spatially aligned expression levels across different images are determined by thresholding the solution to a Dirichlet boundary value problem. Expand
Quantifying structural distortions in retinal tissue before and after injury
Quantifying the deformation of retinal tissue after injury is crucial in understanding and characterizing the functional effect of cellular changes. We present a novel method to compute multipleExpand
Image Informatics Tools for the Analysis of Retinal Images
Mutilabel MRFs with Label Adjacency Constraint : Globally Optimal Solutions and Applications
This work addresses the problem of optimally solving Markov Random Fields(MRFs) in which labels obey a certain topology constraint. Utilizing prior information, such as domain knowledge about theExpand