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Assessing the consistency of John Calvin’s doctrine on human sinfulness
The accusation is often levelled at Calvin that his doctrine on sin is inconsistent, contradictory, deterministic and culpable of making God the Author of sin. This article probes the validity ofExpand
A Theological Evaluation of the South African Constitutional Value of Human Dignity
One of the key objectives of the South African constitution is to create a sovereign democratic state founded upon human dignity. The South African Constitutional Court relies mainly on theExpand
Are freedom and equality natural enemies? A Christian-theological perspective
It is often difficult to balance the conflicting interests of freedom and equality in the public domain. This article attempts to provide a Christian perspective on freedom and equality that mightExpand
Christianity and Secularisation in South Africa: Probing the Possible Link between Modernisation and Secularisation
The secularisation theory of Max Weber states that modernisation inevitably leads to the decline of religion. This theory has in recent years been challenged by the desecularisation theories ofExpand
An introduction to the theological politico-ethical thinking of Koos Vorster
Koos Vorster had a productive career as theologian and published on a wide variety of subjects. However, he will especially be remembered for his contribution to political and social ethics. ThisExpand
Created in the Image of God
The Augustinian Type of Theodicy: Is It Outdated?
In his famous work ‘Evil and the God of love,’ John Hick suggests that the ‘Augustinian’ type of theodicy is based on an outdated worldview and ought to be replaced by what he calls an ‘Irenaean’Expand
Christian Theology and Racist Ideology: A Case Study of Nazi Theology and Apartheid Theology
This article focuses on the role that distorted Christian theology played in the construction of the racial ideologies of Nazism and Apartheid. The central theoretical argument is that theseExpand