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Phase equilibria, structure and properties of intermediate phases in the Sm2O3 – Fe2O3 – CoO and Sm2O3 – CaO – CoO systems
Abstract Phase equilibria in the Sm2O3 – Fe2O3 – CoO and Sm2O3 – CaO – CoO systems were systematically studied at 1100 °C in air. The following solid solutions: SmFe1-xCoxO3 (0 ≤ x ≤ 1),Expand
Mating behavior in mutant strains of Drosophila melanogaster at different population densities
The effects of mutations and genetic background on the mating activity of males and receptivity of females Drosophila melanogaster have been studied at different population densities. PopulationExpand
Synthesis, crystal structure and properties of SmBaCo2−xFexO5+δ
Abstract The solid solution formation range in the SmBaCo 2− x Fe x O 5+ δ (0≤ x ≤2) system examined at 1100 °C in air corresponds to 0≤ x ≤1.1. The crystal structure of SmBaCo 2− x Fe x О 5+ δ withExpand
Coherent intergrowth of simple cubic and quintuple tetragonal perovskites in the system Nd2−εBa3+ε(Fe,Co)5O15−δ
Abstract Investigation of the Nd2−eBa3+e(Fe,Co)5O15−δ system, combining X-ray diffraction and electron microscopy, has allowed a tetragonal quintuple ordered perovskite “ap×ap×5ap” phasoidExpand
Nanoscale Ordering in Oxygen Deficient Quintuple Perovskite Sm2-εBa3+εFe5O15-δ: Implication for Magnetism and Oxygen Stoichiometry
The investigation of the system Sm–Ba–Fe-O in air has allowed an oxygen deficient perovskite Sm2-eBa3+eFe5O15-δ (δ = 0.75, e = 0.125) to be synthesized. In contrast to the XRPD pattern which gives aExpand
Quintuple perovskites Ln2Ba3Fe5−xCoxO15−δ (Ln = Sm, Eu): nanoscale ordering and unconventional magnetism
Quintuple perovskites Ln2Ba3Fe5−xCoxO15−δ, with Ln = Sm, Eu have been synthesized for x values varying from 0 to 2. The HRTEM and HAADF investigations show that these oxides are ordered at theExpand
Phase equilibria and thermodynamic properties of oxide systems on the basis of rare earth, alkaline earth and 3d-transition (Mn, Fe, Co) metals. A short overview of
Review is dedicated studies of phase equilibria in the systems based on rare earth elements and 3d transition metals. It’s highlighted several structural families of these compounds and is shown thatExpand
Crystal structure, oxygen nonstoichiometry and properties of novel Ruddlesden-Popper phase Sm 1.8 Sr 1.2 Fe 2 O 7-δ
Abstract Sm1.8Sr1.2Fe2O7-δ Ruddlesden-Popper (RP) phase has been prepared using a glycerol nitrate technique at 1100 °C in air. The X-ray diffraction (XRD) pattern for the single phaseExpand
Phase Equilibria, Crystal Structure, and Properties of Intermediate Oxides in the Sm2O3–SrO–CoO System
The phase equilibria in the ½ Sm2O3 - SrO - CoO system were systematically studied at 1100°C in air. Single phase Sr1-xSmxCoO3-δ and Sr2-ySmyCoO4+δ solid solutions were obtained within the rangesExpand
Phase equilibria and crystal structure of the complex oxides in the Ln-Ba-Co-O (Ln=Nd, Sm) systems
Abstract The phase equilibria in the Ln –Ba–Co–O ( Ln =Nd, Sm) systems were systematically studied at 1100 °C in air. The homogeneity ranges and crystal structure of the solid solutions: Ln 2− x Ba xExpand