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Graphical Tensor Product Reduction Scheme for the Lie Algebras so(5) = sp(2), su(3), and g(2)
We develop in detail a graphical tensor product reduction scheme, first described by Antoine and Speiser, for the simple rank 2 Lie algebras so(5) = sp(2), su(3), and g(2). This leads to an efficientExpand
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Diffraction and quasiclassical limit of the Aharonov-Bohm effect
Since the Aharonov-Bohm effect is the purely quantum effect that has no analogues in classical physics, its persistence in the quasiclassical limit seems to be hardly possible. Nevertheless, we showExpand
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Induced vacuum current and magnetic field in the background of a cosmic string
Vacuum polarization effects in the cosmic string background are considered. We find that a current is induced in the vacuum of the quantized massive scalar field and that the current circulatesExpand
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Electronic properties of graphene with a topological defect
Abstract Various types of topological defects in graphene are considered in the framework of the continuum model for long-wavelength electronic excitations, which is based on the Dirac–Weyl equation.Expand
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On the possible induced charge on a graphitic nanocone at finite temperature
Electronic excitations in a graphitic monolayer (graphene) in the long-wavelength approximation are characterized by the linear dispersion law, representing a unique example of the reallyExpand
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Fractionalization of angular momentum at finite temperature around a magnetic vortex
Abstract Ambiguities in the definition of angular momentum of a quantum-mechanical particle in the presence of a magnetic vortex are reviewed. We show that the long-standing problem of the adequateExpand
Vacuum polarization effects on graphitic nanocones
Theory of vacuum polarization by singular background fields is applied to the study of electronic properties of the graphitic monolayer (graphene) with a topological defect. Graphene in theExpand
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Induced vacuum energy-momentum tensor in the background of a cosmic string
A massive scalar field is quantized in the background of a cosmic string which is generalized to a static flux-carrying codimension-2 brane in the locally flat multidimensional spacetime. We findExpand
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Rotor spectra and Berry phases in the chiral limit of QCD on a torus
We consider the finite-volume spectra of QCD in the chiral limit of massless up and down quarks and massive strange quarks in the baryon number sectors B = 0 and B = 1 for different values of theExpand