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Leakage Current: Moore's Law Meets Static Power
Off-state leakage is static power, current that leaks through transistors even when they are turned off. The other source of power dissipation in today's microprocessors, dynamic power, arises fromExpand
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Analysis of error recovery schemes for networks on chips
In this article, we discuss design constraints to characterize efficient error recovery mechanisms for the NoC design environment. We explore error control mechanisms at the data link and networkExpand
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Cache revive: Architecting volatile STT-RAM caches for enhanced performance in CMPs
High density, low leakage and non-volatility are the attractive features of Spin-Transfer-Torque-RAM (STT-RAM), which has made it a strong competitor against SRAM as a universal memory replacement inExpand
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The design and use of simplePower: a cycle-accurate energy estimation tool
In this paper, we presen t the design and use of a comprehensiv e framework, SimplePower, for ev aluating the effect of high-level algorithmic, architectural, and compilation trade-offs on energy. AnExpand
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Design and Management of 3D Chip Multiprocessors Using Network-in-Memory
Long interconnects are becoming an increasingly important problem from both power and performance perspectives. This motivates designers to adopt on-chip network-based communication infrastructuresExpand
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ViChaR: A Dynamic Virtual Channel Regulator for Network-on-Chip Routers
The advent of deep sub-micron technology has recently highlighted the criticality of the on-chip interconnects. As diminishing feature sizes have led to increases in global wiring delays,Expand
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Design and evaluation of a hierarchical on-chip interconnect for next-generation CMPs
Performance and power consumption of an on-chip interconnect that forms the backbone of Chip Multiprocessors (CMPs), are directly influenced by the underlying network topology. Both these parametersExpand
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A novel dimensionally-decomposed router for on-chip communication in 3D architectures
Much like multi-storey buildings in densely packed metropolises, three-dimensional (3D) chip structures are envisioned as a viable solution to skyrocketing transistor densities and burgeoning dieExpand
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Architecture exploration for ambient energy harvesting nonvolatile processors
Energy harvesting has been widely investigated as a promising method of providing power for ultra-low-power applications. Such energy sources include solar energy, radio-frequency (RF) radiation,Expand
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A low latency router supporting adaptivity for on-chip interconnects
The increased deployment of system-on-chip designs has drawn attention to the limitations of on-chip interconnects. As a potential solution to these limitations, networks-on-chip (NoC) have beenExpand
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